Owen Mumford Exit Interview

16th January 2014

Paul Currah (L) and Steve Langron from Lime Associates

Like many businesses, at the end of every contract we politely solicit feedback from the client and with the case of our ‘oldest’ client, Oxford based global medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford, this was no exception.

What is slightly different with Owen Mumford however is that we have worked with them on a variety of projects in the three years that we have been engaged with them. Over this time, we are proud to have developed a very good relationship with the team and consequently we have been able to exceed expectations and deliver ‘significant savings’.

We’d like to share the exit interview that was conducted with Paul Currah, Supply Chain Manager (formerly Strategic Purchasing Manager) with you as we use it as an example of how collaborative partnerships reap the best rewards. The interview was conducted by an external facilitator;

1. What level of savings did Lime Associates deliver for Owen Mumford?
Over the three year period Lime Associates delivered significant savings across a number of projects.
2. How did the team at Lime Associates conduct themselves throughout the period of engagement?
The team were highly professional, displayed a high level of integrity and were always willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. We trusted the team implicitly to represent Owen Mumford to our supplier base on every project. The team was not disconcerted by any of the challenges that we presented them with.
3. How did the Lime Associates team integrate into Owen Mumford?
Because of the points above, the team were viewed with a very high regard and worked very well cross functionally.
4. Apart from the tangible cost savings, did Lime Associates deliver any other benefits?
Lime Associates worked hard to raise the profile of purchasing throughout the organisation and provided a useful sounding board for strategic issues.
5. How important is Lime Associates medical experience and specialism?
We estimate that Lime’s experience afforded us a 10% time saving in terms of getting up to speed and obviating the need to recover from mistakes over a non specialist consultancy. They understand the constraints and regulatory issues facing the industry and act accordingly.
6. Has Lime Associates been influential in the way that the purchasing department has changed over the last three years?
Lime Associates played a key role in integrating strategic purchasing into the supply chain function and helped to formulate the plan to shape the new department.
7. Is there anything that you would like to add?
Working with Lime Associates has been an enjoyable and productive experience. Lime Associates are a personable and highly efficient team who have provided great traction between departments and it is a credit to their professionalism that they have almost independently made their mark on, and secured business from, other areas of the organisation.

If you would like to know more about Lime Associates and how we partner our clients, please feel free to contact us on 0114 213 8306 or enquiries@lime-associates.com.



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