Cost and Efficiency Optimisation is a holistic process that considers business process efficiencies and cost reduction strategies as part of an overall programme.

The aim is to streamline business processes to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Based on many decades of experience, we developed iCEO to apply intelligence to cost and efficiency initiatives.

iCEO is a consulting service that combines best practice methodologies with proven knowledge transfer programmes and innovative software tools to identify CEO opportunities and manage the whole optimisation process.

Developed in collaboration with The University of Warwick, iCEO provides a powerful set of tools that have achieved impressive results. The iCEO software is comprised of 3 modules, CEO Planner, Process Optimiser and Value Optimiser

And through Lime Associates your company can benefit from these tools with complete flexibility. The modules can be utilised individually or as a complete set. Once a CEO Planner diagnostic assessment has been completed, then you are free to implement the finding and recommendations through your own organisation or, if resources are tight, then Lime Associates can help.

CEO Planner

CEO Planner, developed in conjunction with the University of Warwick, is a Multi-dimensional spend analysis tool that enables you to look at spend data in four dimensions – time, process, location and supplier. The data is presented in highly visual formats so that you can easily and quickly identify where best CEO opportunities are to improve efficiency, eliminate waste and drive savings.

Based on this, you can then instigate appropriate CEO projects through Value Optimiser to address sourcing and procurement and / or Process Optimiser to streamline business processes by using lean methodologies.

Download our four page guide here

Process Optimiser

Process Optimiser provides an excellent digital alternative which focusses on ease of use, speed of data capture with intelligence built in to enable more informed decision making. It makes data gathering and analysis much easier and faster and the results have been impressive. As part of our suite of CEO tools, Process Optimiser is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that is accessed through a standard web browser.

Process Optimiser improves efficiency and reduces costs by identifying value streams and simplifying processes to eliminate waste.

Based on the sound principles of Lean Thinking, it has been tried, tested and proven over many years and is endorsed by experts, academics and organisations across the world.

Download our four page guide here

Value optimiser

Organisations in the private and public sectors strive to reduce the cost of goods and services purchased and strategic sourcing is widely used to achieve that aim. However it is difficult to ensure that the most rigorous techniques are used consistently across organisations for both strategic and non strategic spend items. It is also essential that all major spend covered under contract.

Our experience shows that these are major missed opportunities. Value Optimiser and iCEO provides an elegant solution to deliver ongoing savings. Best practices in sourcing have advanced in recent years as technology has enabled collaborative supplier management, on-line auctions, e-sourcing, better costing and comparative benchmarking. Value Optimiser contains these features and more and it helps you strike the right balance between lowest cost and best overall value for money. The real power with CEO Planner is that it also identifies opportunities to initiate Value or Process Optimiser projects to improve

Download our four page guide here

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