Reduce Waste in Internal Processes

With Lime’s iCEO Process Optimiser you can develop process maps to understand how a process works and what it costs.

The first step to reducing waste is to fully understand the current state. This can be delivered very effectively through a facilitated Lean workshop. When you understand the true current state, you can start to work on improvement projects, and that’s one of the things Process Optimiser allows you to do.

The Questions

What percentage of activities taking place in your organisation are truly adding value?
Are all those activities aligned and in support of each other or are there areas of conflict that is costing you money and time?
Is there un-necessary dwell time in your internal processes?

Lime Associates Process Optimiser Workshop

Our Process Optimiser workshops are an excellent way to engage all stakeholders and to ensure they are party designing the way forward. They are also an excellent training and learning environment to up-skill the team.

The Lime Associates facilitated Lean workshop, and best in class software, developed in conjunction with University of Warwick could help you to release significant value in your business

Please Contact Us to discuss how Lime Associates can help you to develop process maps and reduce waste.

Lime Associates can help you map processes to reduce waste in internal processes
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