Reduce Inventory / Free up Cash

To avoid excess levels of inventory, Lime Associates take a rigorous approach to the management of stock. Issues to be addressed in any such project would be:

The questions

How accurate are your customer forecasts?
What is the demand variability?
How reliable is your manufacturing process or the supplier at meeting your demand?
Do you have distinct stocking policies for A,B and C class items?
What service levels to your customers demand?
Are your most popular items made most frequently?
What is the manufacturing lead time?

The solutions:

Lime Associates can help work through all these issues and develop with you the most appropriate strategy to maximise customer service with the minimal stock levels leaving you with cash to invest in the right projects to drive your business forward.

Please Contact Us to discuss how we can help you to reduce your inventory and free up cash.

Lime Associates can help you to reduce inventory and free up cash
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