Improve Customer Service

Customer service can be a key differentiator in business today. We must ensure that our customer service levels meet our customers’ needs and are at least as good as our competitors. Lime Associates have set up many supply chains and distribution networks in Europe and North America. We can help you too!

The Questions

What is your service level OTIF % (On Time in Full)?
What levels do your customers expect?
What levels do your competitors achieve?
Do you have a regular communication programme to measure customer satisfaction?
What are your order accuracy levels running at?
Do you have a robust returns and reverse logistics policy?
What level of back-orders are you currently seeing?
How fast can you get back into stock following an outage?

The Solution

Lime Associates can bring fresh perspective on all your customer service issues and we have the experience to find the right solution. Why not give us a call for a chat?

Please Contact Us to see how we can help you to improve customer service.

Lime Associates helps you to improve customer service
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