Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps to integrate all processes across such departments as Finance, Quality, Manufacturing and Customer Service. We helped client Owen Mumford to find the right ERP solution for its global organisation.

In order to support its current growth and future expansion plans, the Directors at Owen Mumford recognised that they needed to invest in their IT systems, and in particular, a company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help to integrate all processes across such departments as Finance, Quality, Manufacturing and Customer Service.

Gavin Jones, Group Finance Director of Owen Mumford engaged the Lime Associates team on this project because of Lime Associates’ track record in effective contract negotiations and their knowledge of both the Medical Device industry requirements and ERP implementation projects.

Lime Associates’ Supply Chain Director Dr. Stephen Langron led the project team over the three month period that began with interviewing Owen Mumford users to understand their specific requirements and researching the ERP industry to find potential suppliers with a client base including companies of a similar size and industry to Owen Mumford. From this research, the team established a short-list of suitable vendors and indicative costs to enable Owen Mumford to plan and budget for the project.

In the next phase, the short-listed ERP suppliers provided financial bids via Lime Associates’ e-procurement tool. In addition to competitive pricing, each bidding company demonstrated their system and provided reference site visits to see their system in action.

Congratulating Lime Associates on a very successful project, Gavin Jones said; “Aside from achieving on target completion for this phase, I believe you have facilitated an extremely professional system selection process culminating in successful contract negotiation with, in my view, the right partner for Owen Mumford. The foundations you have been instrumental in creating and the planning undertaken to date will no doubt assist us greatly as we move forward.”

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